How to Find the Best Bathing Solution


Walk-In Baths As A Bathing Solution

Baths can be tricky things to clamber in and out of. While the edge of the tub isn’t overly high, it can be too much for the elderly or mobility impaired. Baths are there to wash away your worries, but struggling to get into the tub is anything but relaxing. Walk-in baths do away with all the effort.

Simply step through the watertight door, seal it behind you, and enjoy the warm water. Warm water is particularly ideal, as it helps increase circulation and eases aching muscles. For even more relief, a handful or two of Epsom salt goes a long way. Some walk-in baths also come with jets that circulate tiny bubbles, which might seem like an unnecessary feature to some. There is, however, a reason for this.

Jets can help ease sore limbs even further. Plus, there’s some small piece of our childhood selves that just finds bubbles fun!

If you enjoy fully submerging yourself, then a walk-in bath is ideal. Some see the fact that they hold more water than a normal bath as a bad sign, as it takes longer to full –the thing is,  you don’t have to fill it up all the way if you don’t want to.

The idea of a walk-in bath is surprisingly simple, yet it saves many elderly and mobility-impaired people years of sponge baths.  Baths aren’t for everyone though, and the fact that you have to be in the bath while it’s filling might seem like wasted time to some. Not to worry, the next item on our list is just the thing you need.



Walk-In Shower As A Bathing Solution

Many people prefer to shower over bathing. Not only are showers great in a hurry, but they use less water too. Sadly, not everyone is able to take advantage of a regular shower. Getting into the shower can be difficult enough, but standing for an extended period? Near enough impossible.

Walk-in showers remedy this by having a low-level shower tray, and sometimes, a custom chair. That’s not the only upgrade though;

In place of a door, one side of the glass divider is open for easy access. This easy access – combined with the easy to fit nature of walk-in showers – is ideal for people with minimal space or irregularly shaped bathrooms.

Walk-in showers are perfect at lending a modern aesthetic to your home, but they’re practical too;  even if you’re a physically able individual! The reason for this? Twofold.

First off, most walk-in showers have slip-resistant floor tiles. Those tiles also happen to be the second reason as to why walk-In showers are so great;

Cleaning them is a breeze. With tiles, a quick wipe down is all that’s needed to remove grime. Now, compare this to standard porcelain shower trays, which clings desperately to dirt. A walk-in shower is, without a doubt, one of the best bathing solutions.


Standard Bathrooms As A Bathing Solution

The adage “you get what you pay for” is certainly true here. That’s not to say that standard bathrooms are bad – they just don’t come with any of the benefits that the other items on this list offer. Their cost, however, is a major tick in their favour. You could argue that a standard shower feels ‘cosier’ compared to a walk-in shower – no door means less warmth contained in your showering area. In our experience, this isn’t the case. You don’t notice the absence of the door.

And, while standard bathrooms are cheaper, they do not increase the value of your house. Modern people understand the value of a luxury bathing experience, and they are willing to pay for it. If nothing else on this list appeals to you, consider walk-in showers and baths an investment.

Perhaps you want a more accessible bathroom without splashing out. You don’t want to tear out your current bathroom, but you’d like to make it more easily accessible. We have just the thing for you.


Mobility Assisted Bathrooms

There are a couple of easy tips that you can easily implement to make your bathroom more accessible. Some are a little more advanced, but they are well worth it.


Raise The Level of Your Toilet

This makes your toilet much more accessible to any mobility-impaired people trying to use it, and it’s also simple to achieve. By simply purchasing a thicker toilet seat, you can increase its ease of use. If you want to take it a step further though, you’ll need a smart toilet.


Fit A Smart Toilet

Smart toilets are designed to be the perfect size for the elderly and movement impaired. On top of that, they also use a gentle stream of water to replace the use of toilet paper. The Geberit AquaClean 8000plus is one of the best – in addition to its odour elimination system, it also comes with a heated seat, and more!


Install handrails and a shower seat

These two tips are the easiest and likely the most essential to ensure a comfortable experience. You could even affix handrails to the wall near your toilet yourself if you’re a handy sort of person.

A shower seat, as mentioned above, can also be a lifesaver – quite literally in some cases. The cost is low, and fitting one is easy.


If you have an elderly or movement impaired person in your household, these tips are a must! Have further questions or concerns? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!