Walk-in Baths

Fall In Love With Bathing Again​

Walk-in baths with a variety of styles and features​

Whether you’re soothing aches and pains, or relaxing the body and mind, a soak in a warm bath is the perfect way to de-stress and have a moment to yourself.

Our walk-in baths provide those with limited or reduced mobility the freedom to enjoy safe, independent bathing and with a range of spa features available, bathing will feel like a pleasure, not a chore.

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Our Range Of Bathing Products

At AHM Installations, we offer a wide variety of walk-in baths with additional features for added relaxation and convenience.

Luxury Additional Features

There are many additional features that you can implement in your walk-in bath. Spa jets, whirlpools and LED lights are popular add-ons. These create a truly luxurious bathing experience, and also offer may health benefits. Soothe your aching joints with massaging jets and enjoy your bathing experience fully. You can even choose to integrate a Bluetooth sound system for a fully relaxing bathing experience.

Full Length Walk-In Baths

The full length walk-in bath is just like a standard bath, except it’s fitted with a handy door for easier access. Simply open the door and step in safely. Once you’re in, the door will seal securely, meaning no water can escape once you begin to fill it. There’s no difficult mechanisms to navigate, simply open and close it by its hinges as necessary.

Power Assisted Seats​

A walk-in bath offers easy access to those with limited mobility. However, there may also be concerns around lowering oneself into the tub. These worries are eased with power assisted seats. Simply raise the seat when you enter the bath to reduce how far you need to bend. You can then use the power to position yourself comfortably and safely for bathing.

Compact Walk-In Baths

Compact walk-in baths aren’t just for safe-saving purposes – although this is a great benefit! They are often a great solution for those who are unable to lie down comfortably. Fitted with a seat, these baths are easy to get in and out of, without having to lower yourself completely. As long as you’re comfortable sitting upright, a compact walk-in bath is a great bathing solution.


Anyone who likes a soak in a warm bath but struggles with a standard high-sided tub. We primarily install walk-in baths for older people who have found their mobility has reduced in later life and younger people who have limited physical ability.

In a word, no. Our walk-in baths have steel sub-frames that reduce flexibility around the door area, and the fitted seals provide assurance against leaks.

Our walk-in baths fill up and drain in a matter of minutes . The thermostatic controls allow you to adjust the temperature. As well as that, the plug is controlled by a handheld device, so there’s no bending or searching for it.

Accessible baths are designed around mobility issues, so the one you choose will depend on how much support you need for bathing, as well as your personal preferences and features you require. Those features could be a lifting seat, jacuzzi bubbles or automatic filling. During your meeting with our surveyor, you’ll be able to discuss if a walk-in bath is right for you, and they will provide you with a quote which will be fully inclusive of all costs. There will be no hidden extras.

Depending on your circumstances, you may qualify for a Disabled Facilities Grant from your local council to help cover the cost of your accessible bathroom installation. Just speak to our team and we can help you to find out if you qualify.

Walk-In Baths, Further Details & Pricing

If you would like to find out how we can create the perfect bathroom that enables you to bathe independently, in peace and comfort, then please contact us on 0800 731 6495, download our brochure or visit one of our showrooms.

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