Assisted Bathing & Disabled Bathrooms Northampton

Functional Mobility Bathrooms

If you need an accessible bathroom or wet room in Northampton, choose AHM Installations. We have extensive experience in creating disabled bathing facilities to suit all mobility needs. With our fixed price quotes and price-match guarantees, you won’t find better service elsewhere. Creating bathrooms that are safe, affordable and stylish is our speciality.

The fixtures and fittings that we can install include:

  • Walk-In Baths – If you enjoy a luxurious soak in the bath, you should have to miss out if your mobility is limited. Our range of walk-in baths offer you a range of options, in various sizes. The non-slip materials and low-level entry doors mean you can use your bath without worry.
  • Walk-In Showers – For those who prefer a shower over a bath, a walk-in shower is the perfect solution. The showers that we install come with safety features like grab rails, non-slip flooring and low access.
  • Wet Rooms – An accessible wet room offers maximum manoeuvrability and safety. You won’t need to worry about getting a wheelchair around or having enough room for a carer to assist you. We can even install extra safety features for your complete peace of mind.
  • Smart Toilets – Did you know that some toilets come with additional features? Our smart toilets have built-in bidets and touch free operations, so you can use the bathroom freely. You can even have a heated seat for extra comfort!
Modern bathroom with walk in bath flipped
Georgia-003 fitting

Assisted Bathing Solutions

When you need assisted bathing solutions in Northampton, turn to AHM. We install only the best products, ensuring that you’re able to use your bathroom safely. Our team share a genuine passion for creating high quality disabled bathrooms that improve users’ quality of life.

We will design your bathroom to suit you and your unique needs. Our specialist team have many years of experience in creating assisted bathing solutions, so you’ll be safe in our hands. We will never sign off an installation until it has met our rigorous safety standards. At AHM, our ethos is that your safety and comfort come first.

Soak In A Walk-In Bathtub

Unwind and let your worries dissolve in one of our walk-in bathtubs. These luxurious tubs provide a secure bathing environment. Equipped with non-slip flooring and antimicrobial protection, our walk-in bathtubs ensure your safety and well-being. While all our models come with standard safety features, we also offer optional enhancements. If you struggle with lowering yourself into a bathtub, we have models with integrated seats. Additionally, you can customise your walk-in bath with spa features.

Walk-In Showers For The Elderly & Those With Limited Mobility

Our walk-in showers offer a perfect combination of safety and flexibility. With a spacious design, these showers provide ample room to move around safely. Our team of experts at AHM will install grab rails in strategic locations, ensuring you can shower independently and with absolute confidence. Experience the freedom and convenience of a walk-in shower with AHM Installations.

Our Mobility Bathroom Solutions

Product Guarantees & Promises

We always aim to complete projects with minimal disruption. Before your installation begins, we’ll estimate how long it will take to complete. This is usually between 4 and 5 days, but can sometimes take less depending on what needs to be done. We’ll make sure that everything is cleaned up and tidy when your project is complete, so you won’t need to worry about any mess.

Every installation we carry out comes with a 12 month guarantee from us, in addition to the manufacture’s guarantee. As well as this, you’ll be pleased to know that our leading mobility bathroom installations are some of the most competitive on the market. In the unlikely event that you come across a like-for-like installation at a lower price, we’ll match it.

When we quote you for your accessible bathroom installation, your price is locked in. We won’t confront you with any hidden costs or extra fees. If you’d like to get a quote for your mobility bathroom upgrade, feel free to contact our friendly team for a chat.

Assisted Bathing Solutions Northampton

If you require assisted bathing solutions in Northampton, contact our friendly team today. We’d be happy to discuss our range of products and how they can help you. We can also arrange a survey, to give you a fixed-price cost for your bathroom upgrade. 

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