Assisted Bathing & Disabled Bathrooms Peterborough

Functional Mobility Bathrooms

Those who have limited mobility shouldn’t have to fear using the bathroom. With AHM’s specialist products and extensive industry experience, the elderly and disabled can use their facilities safely. We create bespoke accessible wet rooms across the UK. Our team in Peterborough can transform your washroom to make it safer, tailored to your unique needs.

We install a range of products, including:

  • Walk-In Baths – A walk-in bath will allow you to bathe independently, without the worry of slips or falls. Our baths are designed with low entry doors for easy access, with slip-resistant floors. They fill up quickly and can be emptied with remote features, for complete and safe control.
  • Walk-In Showers – A walk-in shower means that you won’t have to navigate steps. Grab rails allow you to move independently, and slip-resistant floors ensure that your shower is safe to use.
  • Wet Rooms – If you need to get a wheelchair in and out of your facilities, an accessible wet room could be the solution. Your bespoke wet room will feature all the safety equipment that you need, alongside the essential bathing fixtures.
  • Smart Toilets – Limited mobility shouldn’t mean that using the toilet is a hassle. Our smart toilets make comfort and hygiene a breeze, with built-in bidets and touch-free functions.
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Accessible Wet Rooms

A wet room is the perfect way to make bathing and toileting easy for those with limited mobility. Accessible wet rooms are ideal for those who use a wheelchair or require a carer’s help.

All of our bathrooms are fitted with non-slip flooring. This ensures that you’re safe from harm and can navigate your bathroom with more independence. An open plan layout means that you can move around without obstruction, with hand rails placed in the areas that you’ll need them most.

You don’t have to sacrifice style for the sake of accessibility. We provide a range of products in many different styles, to suit all tastes. Your accessible wet room can be as luxurious or as simple as you please.

Indulge In A Relaxing Walk-In Bathtub

Our selection of walk-in bathtubs provide the perfect solution for a soothing soak, ensuring your safety and peace of mind. Equipped with non-slip flooring and antimicrobial protection, our walk-in bathtubs guarantee a secure bathing experience. While all our walk-in baths come with standard safety features, we also offer optional extras to enhance your comfort. If you face difficulty lowering yourself into a bath, we have models with integrated seats available. For an extra touch of luxury, you can equip your walk-in bathtub with spa features.

Accessible Walk-In Showers For The Elderly & Individuals With Limited Mobility

Experience the perfect blend of safety and flexibility with our walk-in showers. The spacious layout of our walk-in showers ensures freedom of movement, providing a secure bathing solution. Even in bathrooms with limited space. Our team of experts at AHM will install grab rails in the areas where you need them the most, enabling you to shower independently and with confidence.

Our Mobility Bathroom Solutions

Product Guarantees & Promises

The bathroom fixtures and fittings that we sell come with a 12 month guarantee, as well as a manufacturers’ guarantee. As well as this, some of our installations may not require you to pay VAT if you meet certain requirements. If you’re registered disabled or are aged over 60 with a registered medical condition, contact our team to find out if you’re eligible.

AHM Installations have a price-match promise. This is because we’re confident that you won’t find a better price on the market. However, in the unlikely event that you do, we’ll happily match that price and lock it in for you. We never confront you with hidden fees or extra costs. We take pride in the work that we do and are confident in the products we provide and the installation services we carry out.

Your accessible bathroom installation can take anywhere between 4 and 5 days to complete, depending on the amount of work required. We aim to complete every project in the time we specify, and clean up after ourselves when finished. If you’d like to learn more about our products, or require any further information, please contact our team today for a friendly chat.

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Accessible Wet Rooms & Bathrooms Peterborough

For more information about our accessible wet rooms and bathrooms in Peterborough, give our team a call. We’d be happy to discuss your options and arrange a survey. From there, we can give you a competitive fixed cost estimate and tell you how long the project will take. 

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