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Functional Mobility Bathrooms

We will design your bathroom from scratch utilising our specialist knowledge and years of industry experience. We are led by you to install a bathroom that is seamlessly accommodated to your needs. We can install a range of products, including:

  • Walk-In Baths – For an independent and secure bathing experience, our walk-in baths are top-tier. They are slip resistant, feature a low entry door and a remote empty feature for a soothing bath time.
  • Walk-In Showers – Our showers are designed with safety in mind, boasting slip resistant surfaces, grab rails and practical shower trays to minimise injury.
  • Wet Rooms – If you have a wheelchair or need extra space in your bathroom, our wet room is fully equipped with all the utilities you need to complete your flawless bathroom sanctuary.
  • Smart Toilets – For improved hygiene and comfort, our smart toilets do all the work for you. They feature a bidet and touch-free functions that make your trip to the bathroom as stress-free as possible.
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Affordable Accessible Wet Rooms

We aspire to keep our prices affordable and fixed. We set the price before we start construction, meaning you do not have to worry about excessive fees if completion takes longer than expected. Our accessible wet rooms are designed to boost your mobility and help you move around your bathroom independently. 

Our high-quality, non-slip floors allow you to navigate your wet room without fear of injury or harm. Our accessible wet rooms are best suited to those with a caregiver or wheelchair. We can install an open-plan layout to free you from unnecessary obstructions that interfere with your bathing experience. 

We can also install grab rails for additional safety, so we can fully customise your accessible wet room depending on your specific needs.

Relax In A Walk-In Bathtub

Melt away your troubles in one of our walk-in bathtubs. These allow you to bathe without the worry of getting in and out safely.

Fitted with non-slip flooring and antimicrobial protection, you can be sure that you’re in safe hands. There are a few optional extras. If you struggle to lower yourself into a bath, we have models with integrated seats. You can also choose to fit your walk-in bath with spa features for a luxurious experience.

Walk-In Showers For The Elderly & Those With Limited Mobility

A walk-in shower boasts safety and flexibility for anyone who needs an accessible bathing solution. More open space means you’ll have more freedom to move around safely. AHM’s experts will fit your walk-in shower with grab rails where you need them most. This means you can shower independently and with confidence.

Our Mobility Bathroom Solutions

Product Guarantees & Promises

All of our products come with a 12 month guarantee, as well as the manufacturer’s guarantee, which ranges from 12 months to a lifetime. If in doubt, feel free to contact us for specific details on your layout. 

A full risk assessment is conducted before we start work on your bathroom, and we prioritise your safety above else. We won’t sign off on completion until our exceedingly high safety standards are met. As for installation time, you can expect anywhere between 4-5 days, depending on the complexity of the design. 

This can be lessened or extended based on the nature of the works. We exercise the utmost respect for your home and always clean up at the end of the day. We are specialists in designing safe, affordable bathrooms for those with limited mobility. We are the top experts in creating accessible bathrooms within your budget, with over 20 years experience. 

We promise to tailor to your unique, personalised needs and deliver a bespoke product that will support you in everyday life. To find out more or to arrange a free quote, give us a call today.

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Efficient & Practical Accessible Bathrooms Nottingham

For more information on our products and what we can do for you, get in touch with us today. Our friendly and professional team excel at customer service and endeavour to design a specialist bathroom catered to your needs. We understand how important it is to have a bathroom that is comfortable, safe and custom-made to your mobility requirements. We look forward to hearing from you.

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