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How To Make A Wet Room Floor Less Slippery

One thing many of our customers ask us is “is the floor going to be slippery when wet?” Understandably, if you have limited mobility the last thing you want to do is slip into your brand new wet room. It can be a daunting deciding factor whether to invest in a wet room or not.

Part of our installation process is ensuring that the room is designed in a way that satisfies all of your needs. This can include adding handrails in harder to manoeuvre areas or installing specialist non-slip material flooring.

Making Your Wet Room Floor Less Slippery

Our engineers install a very high quality anti-slip material on the floor of your wet room. This material is perfect for preventing any slips or falls from happening once you have used your wet room.

The material is ideal for bare feet and specialist medical footwear which means that no matter what, when standing freely in your wet room you won’t slip on the damp wet floor.

As well as the installation of slip-resistant flooring, part of the design process is factoring in additional extras that will aid you walking around the room before, during and after using your wet room facilities. This may include handrails and chairs where necessary.

walk in shower installation

Keeping You Safe Using Your Wet Room

When using the facilities in your wet room it’s important that you are safe and avoid slipping or falling. Our designers are experts in designing floors that make sure your wet room is built suited for your needs. This means that if you have limited mobility and struggle to lift your legs, the step-free access reduces the number of hazards in the area. This also makes our wet room designs perfect for wheelchair users.

We are also able to design seats and rails into your shower area so that you remain comfortable at all times when showering. This can really help you avoid slipping on the increasingly wet floor during use. Our seats and rails come in a number of designs to complement the rest of the room and allow you to take a load off.

Things You Can Do To Make Your Wet Room Less Slippery

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If after all the safety features mentioned above are installed you are still unsure, there are plenty of options to make your wet room even safer for the user. It may be that you decorate your wet room with a high quality anti-slip mat. Whilst this likely won’t be necessary due to the material we use for the flooring, it may add traction to your floor when wet thereby assisting the user when walking around. Clear anti-slip treads can also be used in the shower area to increase traction on the floor whilst maintaining the overall aesthetic of the room.

Our team of engineers are always happy to advise on the use of any additional mats or materials to prevent slips and falls in your wet room. They can also advise you on the possibility of installing more grab rails. We supply and install grab rails in a series of different designs to maintain the overall design of your wet room.

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