Bathroom Flooring

Rediscover A Safe Bathroom

For those with limited mobility, the quality and slip-resistance of your bathroom flooring is of extreme importance. At AHM Installations, we stock a wide range of approved flooring solutions that offer a safe and stylish result. From hard-wearing safety flooring to waterproof vinyl tiles, we’ve got you covered.

Floors For Accessible Bathrooms

When mobility is a concern, it’s important that your flooring is appropriate. If you can walk but require the assistance of a stick or walker, the floor must have enough grip to ensure you won’t slip, but not hinder the use of any mobility equipment. Similarly, if you’re a wheelchair user, the floor must be appropriate for feet and also allow wheels to roll smoothly.

Slip-Resistant Safety Flooring

If you choose to have a wet room installation with AHM, we will fit slip-resistant safety flooring as standard. However, we also recommend using it in any bathroom where you want the additional peace of mind that safety flooring brings. This robust bathroom flooring is textured to ensure a better grip. Better grip means a significant reduction in the risk of slips and falls, leading to a more peaceful bathing experience. Even when the floor gets wet, it won’t become slippery or dangerous.

Slip-Resistant Bathroom Flooring

Where safety flooring isn’t a necessity, slip-resistant flooring will do the job. Although it doesn’t have the textured grip that safety flooring has, it’s still a great solution for those who are less at risk of slipping. Built like a luxury vinyl tile but typically stiffer, this bathroom flooring is hardwearing and waterproof. It’s also compatible with underfloor heating systems, so you can enjoy warmth underfoot.


Just because you need the additional reassurance that safety flooring provides, that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. We provide many different types of bathroom flooring, with a range of textures and colours available. No matter what finish you’re looking for, we’re sure to stock something that will fulfil all your requirements.

The best bathroom flooring for each bathroom will depend on the individual using it. The right floor for you might depend on your mobility, any walking aids you use or if you use a wheelchair. You may also need to consider the needs of any carers that accompany you while bathing. The team at AHM can consult with you to ensure you’re choosing the right flooring for your needs.

It’s generally accepted that vinyl is the safest flooring solution for most bathrooms. It’s affordable and stylish, and offers excellent slip-resistance. As well as that, it’s waterproof and easy to clean. Vinyl can be manufactured with different textures on its surface. This texture is designed to enhance grippiness without creating a sticky surface.

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If you would like to find out how we can create the perfect bathroom that enables you to bathe independently, in peace and comfort, then please contact us on 0800 731 6495, download our brochure or visit one of our showrooms.

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