A Guide To Designing Your Bathroom Around A Shower Toilet

shower room with bidet toilet

A shower toilet is a fantastic way to save yourself time, help the environment and regain your independence. If you’re considering installing this useful feature in your bathroom, you may want to know what it is, the advantages of installing one and how it could affect the design of your room. With this in mind, we’ve put together a useful guide on the matter, to help shed some light and assist you with this decision.

What Is A Shower Toilet?

Before we begin, it’s important to clarify what a shower toilet is. Often referred to as a bidet, it’s a traditional toilet with a built-in washing feature for your convenience. Furthermore, you can take advantage of even more benefits by opting for a smart toilet. This combines the classic bidet with a host of modern luxuries such as heated seats, air drying and ambient lighting to improve your overall bathroom experience.

Bidet Toilet Reversed

The Benefits Of A Shower Toilet

Installing a shower toilet comes with an array of benefits that can not only create an effortless experience for the user but also help reduce your carbon footprint. Please see below for a more detailed look into what these advantages are.


A shower toilet uses water to clean the individual after use. This removes the need for toilet paper, and as a result, helps the environment. Toilet paper is biodegradable. However, the process of making it is destructive to the environment worldwide. Although some businesses will practice renewable forestry techniques, some do not. If you bypass the need for paper by opting for this type of toilet, you’re not only improving your quality of life but the environment too.

Cost, Time & Independence

Another important benefit to consider is saving time and cost by installing a shower toilet. Although they may start at a higher price range than a traditional loo, the saving on toilet paper and time is well worth the investment. Not only this but if you’re experiencing mobility issues, the whole process can be carried out in a seated position, allowing for a much more independent bathroom experience.

How A Shower Toilet Affects The Design Of Your Bathroom

Shower toilets are designed with convenience and independence in mind. They are compact, and allow you to reduce the need for accessories such as roll holders. As a result, you can save space with a modern installation. Additionally, you may need to consider the power circuitry and the corresponding health and safety requirements if you opt for a smart shower toilet. Overall, a feature like this may require a slight investment and the addition of cables in your bathroom, but as you can see, they are extensive in comparison.

Bidet toilet side view

Choose AHM Installations For High-Quality Shower Toilets

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