How Long Does It Take To Install A New Mobility Bathroom?

At ahm Installations we understand how stressful waiting to have your new bathroom fitted can be, especially if you are living in a one-bathroom household.  

A bathroom tailor-made to your mobility is something which can radically improve your at-home quality of life. A walk-in bath or shower lets you bath in safety. A smart toilet offers comfort, accessibility, and safety. Guard rails allow for a full range of movement without fear of falling.

But how long does it take to install?

Our mobility bathrooms take an average of 3-5 days to install. We set out how long your disabled bathroom will take to install in a clear timetable during the consultation stage.

We believe that your time and trust should be treated with the respect it deserves; your mobility bathroom should be completed to the standard and timetable that you agree upon with your bathroom technician.

There are a number of factors which can affect how long it takes to install your disabled bathroom, however:

The Factors Determining How Long It Takes To Install A New Mobility Bathroom


What Is The Scale Of Your Installation?

Larger bathrooms with more in-depth renovations to your bathroom will, naturally, take longer to install. Keep in mind the scale of the project you are undertaking when considering the installation time of your new disabled bathroom.

Are You Available?

A reliable bathroom installer will strive to meet all expectations set during the consultation stage of your new bathroom installation. Their reputation rests upon their ability to install your new bathroom on time and to your specification.

However, one of the most important facts in how long it takes to install a new bathroom is you. Making sure that someone is ready and waiting for your installers is vital. Whether it’s a family member or a friend, your installer will need to have access to your home in order to work. This way, your installer can begin the work of renovating your bathroom without any delay.

Has Your Bathroom Been Cleared?

Make sure that all items that can be removed from your bathroom have been. Your mobility bathroom installer should only be working with the fixtures of your home. An installer who arrives to find a cleared bathroom is one who is going to have a simpler, swifter, and more efficient time installing your new bathroom.

Where Is Your New Mobility Bathroom Going To Be?

Installing your new bathroom in an open, easy-to-access space makes the job that much easier for your mobility bathroom installers. While a good installer is always up for a challenge, renovating a bathroom in a constricted space with awkward positioning will require extra time. They will need to find a way to work with the space they are given without compromising the quality of your installation.

Make sure that your mobility bathroom installer is as aware as they can be of any issues regarding your bathroom’s accessibility during the consultation process.  This will allow them to plan around them more effectively and give you the most accurate timetable they can of when your new bathroom will be finished.

Green wet room with walk-in shower

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