Half Tiled or Fully Tiled Bathroom Walls?

So you’ve just decided you want to get a new bathroom for yourself or a loved one, but where do you start?

A good place to start is with the overall style of the bathroom and if you’re going to go for a modern or more traditional style bathroom.

When planning your new bathroom, one of the biggest decisions is usually what you want on the walls. If you’ve been looking at any modern contemporary bathroom ideas then you probably already have plenty of ideas in your head. What colour (or colours) do you go for? What style? And more importantly, half tiled or fully tiled bathrooms walls?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question, but to help you make the best decision when choosing, here are some of the most important points to consider.

Fully Tiled Bathroom Walls

fully tiled bathroom

When it comes to the bathing area itself, such as the shower, many users will opt for fully tiled bathroom walls. However, it doesn’t just have to stop there.

In many modern bathrooms, you’ll notice that the entire room has fully tiled walls from floor to ceiling. This style can do many things to the room, such as making it easier to clean and allowing more light to bounce around. The result is the feeling of a more spacious bathroom without having to expand it physically. Ideal for smaller bathroom spaces, this style can transform small and dull bathrooms into something to be proud of.

As you’ve probably guessed, fully tiled bathrooms will almost always cost more than half tiled bathrooms due to the cost of tiles. Although there are plenty of cheap tile options out there, we don’t ever recommend going for the cheaper option. Instead, pick a middle ground where both quality and price are reasonable.

Half Tiled Bathroom Walls

half tiled bathroom

Unlike fully tiled bathrooms, half tiled bathrooms only contain tiles in wet areas such as the shower enclosures and around baths. The other parts of the bathroom that aren’t in the direct firing line of the shower or splashes are painted (or wallpapered) just like they are a wall in another room.

Now obviously the main advantage of doing this is that you can massively reduce your cost by not having to splash out on expensive tiles. If the area is never going to get wet, then why spend money on un-needed tiles?

Compared to fully tiled bathrooms, there are a few challenges that you will need to address. If you’re planning on renovating a bathroom, then there’s a good chance your existing walls will need to be prepped before you can start painting on them. This means ensuring they don’t have any cracks or uneven bumps underneath. Depending on the size of your existing bathroom and what you currently have on the walls, this could require additional labour which will increase costs.

Which Should You Pick?

Now you know the advantages and disadvantages of both fully tiled and half tiled bathroom walls, which should you have in your bathroom?

Well, the answer is really down to your budget, style, and usage.

If you’re on a smaller budget, then the clear answer is to go for half tiled bathroom walls. Not only will you save money by painting the walls that aren’t going to get wet, but the overall project shouldn’t take as long as compared to tiling every wall.

However, if you’re trying to achieve a certain bathroom style or have a specific use for your bathroom (such as regularly bathing dogs or a full wet room) then fully tiled bathroom walls are probably a better choice.

Not only do they make the bathroom feel bigger and brighter, but they’re also easier to clean and debatably look a lot better than painted walls.

If you’re still not sure which is right for you, then don’t fret. Speak to one of our expert advisors on 0808 169 5958 or visit one of our showrooms to see which style you prefer.