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I Couldn’t Have Asked For Better People”

One of the most rewarding aspects of the work we carry out for our customers is seeing and hearing how much of a positive impact our products and installations have had on their lives. This really motivates us to continue offering the best accessible bathroom installations at a great price.

One of our lovely customers; Ex-nurse Mrs Falkenstein prioritised her own health and safety after many years supporting others in need and invested in a brand new accessible bathroom from AHM Installations.

Mrs Falkenstein (81) was struggling to get in and out of the shower due to the very typical high step that is installed into most standard showers. After years of struggling with this issue, she decided to opt for a brand new bathroom update and contacted our lovely team.

“Getting out of the shower was becoming a problem. I’m fairly recently widowed, so for my own sake I needed to get it sorted out.”

With the help of her sister, Mrs. Falkenstein noticed our advert in a local magazine and chose to become more informed on our products using our website. Naturally they were both very pleased with the products and services we offer after finding out more about us!

“I saw a couple of other companies, but I’d already half made up my mind that I would use AHM… When Paul, the designer, came to see me he was very nice. He planned the bathroom to be just right for me. Then Scott, the surveyor, came to measure up and said everything Paul suggested was spot on.”

Our talented designer Paul took Mrs Falkenstein’s ideas to create a beautifully stylish bathroom that is much more accessible and easy to use, whilst remaining inclusive of any ideas and extras that needed to be included.

The design incorporated wall panels instead of tiles. This is because they are much easier to maintain and clean as well as giving a much more contemporary and modern aesthetic.

“I’m absolutely thrilled with my bathroom. It’s safer to use and the walls are much easier to clean. I just wipe them down.”

Some of the design elements used in the design of this bathroom meant that all of the facilities are much easier to enter and exit without fear of tripping or falling. The shower was designed to be open on one side to allow for assistance if required.

“The shower is open at one end so my sister can help me if I need it. I also had the sink moved and a raised toilet put in.”

The work carried out at Mrs. Falkenstein’s home is  what we do day in and day out but the positive impact it has had on her life and wellbeing is worth all of the hard work that has gone into designing and installing her new accessible bathroom. Mrs. Falkenstein Describes ahm as:

“Very efficient and polite. Paul, Scott and Adam were absolute stars. I couldn’t have asked for better people. I have friends who want their bathrooms doing now, so I have passed on your details!”


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