Shower, walk-in bath or wet room? I can help you decide.

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Let Us Advise You On The Best Accessible Bathroom For You

By Craig Palmer, Surveyor at AHM Installations

Choosing a new bathroom is a big decision to make. The most important thing is to understand what your needs are for bathing.

I like to build up a rapport and really listen to what people need. I suggest options that might help and make sure everyone’s happy with the plan. At AHM Installations we’re a caring team and we pride ourselves on not being pushy.

One of the most common updates people make is replacing their existing bath with a low-level shower. It’s a straightforward, affordable option that is much safer for those with limited mobility.

Our shower trays are slip-resistant and come in various shapes and sizes. We can fit shower seats if you don’t want to stand the whole time and grab rails for getting in and out. I always suggest grab rails for the places people are most likely to need them.

Walk in showers by AHM

Grab rails are a funny one because people often don’t like the idea of them. Nobody wants their house to look like a hospital or a care home. But we do our best to make the bathrooms look good and at the end of the day, safety comes first.

AHM Wet Room 3

Wet Rooms

Wet rooms are probably the safest option because there are no obstacles to getting in and out. There’s no shower tray or step – just slip-resistant flooring with a drain to let the water out. Wet rooms are perfect for those who use a wheelchair or have carers, and they look great too, but they are more expensive than simply replacing the shower.

Walk-In Baths

We also do walk-in baths. What can I say, some people just love a bath! They give you the option to bathe without the worry, and some walk-in baths even have heated seats and jacuzzi options these days!

Walk In Bath 1

All of this is a lot to take in. When I’m at an appointment, I prefer it when the customer has a family member or close friend with them so we can go through everyone’s queries together and the customer has the reassurance of someone they trust. I’d always recommend that. We give a fixed price too, so you have peace of mind.

AHM uses high-quality products that are specifically suited to mobility needs and aren’t available off the shelf. Having said that, we’re nearly always cheaper than the big bathroom companies because we’re a family-run firm with lower overheads.

We also offer a price promise, so you know you’ll never overpay, and we have a 12-month warranty on all our installations.

I love what I do, and I feel lucky to work at AHM. They’ve been so supportive to me during the pandemic by helping me to work flexibly while we were home schooling our two children. I don’t want to miss family time; that’s really important to me.

We’re always happy to answer your questions. Please call our family-run team on 0800 731 6495. AHM offer discounts for military veterans and for those with dementia.


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