Asking for help doesn’t mean you’re a burden

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We live in an ageing society. There are far more people aged over 65 in the UK today compared to a generation ago, and it’s a fact of life that our needs change as we get older.

Why then, do we sometimes feel like a burden if we ask for help in our later years?

Age UK did some research into why people struggle in later life. They found that older people often feel excluded, or they exclude themselves, from the world around them. This was because of a few things, such as people feeling their lives didn’t hold as much worth; feeling that the benefits of making a change were outweighed by the effort; and not knowing how to change things.

We all have bad days. But if you’re struggling every day with household tasks like paying bills, cooking or using the bathroom, or your emotions are getting the better of you, then it’s time to act.

For support and guidance, call Age UK’s Advice Line any day of the year on 0800 678 1602 (8am to 7pm).

When it comes to help in the home, it’s common for people only to seek help as a result of a fall, accident or near-miss. It’s also common for a spouse, carer or family member to take action on someone’s behalf.

At AHM Installations, we fit walk-in baths, showers and wetrooms. We speak to customers every day who have had the courage to pick up the phone and ask for our guidance. Occasionally we help people to future-proof their bathrooms, but usually our phone calls come from people who can no longer carry on safely as they are.

It’s not just asking for help that puts people off. It’s also the worry that their bathroom will end up looking clinical, like a hospital bathroom. We can actually create very warm and welcoming designs using lovely flooring and tiles.

In the last 20 years, we’ve never had anyone say they didn’t like their bathroom. In fact, people send us letters and emails to say how much they love their new bathroom. It’s an opportunity to refresh and update one of the most important rooms of your house.

If you’re ready to seek help with your bathroom, call our family-run team on 01522 500288. You can meet us in person at our showroom in Lincoln, currently open Monday to Friday, 8.30am-4.30pm.


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