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If you’re thinking about getting a new bathroom in your home, then there’s a lot to think about and plan. Without an idea of what you want in mind, it can be incredibly hard to calculate the costs, sizing and overall length of the project.

To help you plan your new bathroom, we’ve compiled a range of modern and contemporary bathrooms to inspire you. If you’re looking for something modern, minimalist, and practical, then these stylish bathrooms should give you plenty of ideas.

contemporary bathroom design
A common feature in many modern and contemporary bathrooms has to be the walk-in shower. With no sliding doors or ledge up to step into, walk-in showers are very accessible and create a seamless transition from shower to the bathroom. If you currently have trouble getting into your shower, then a walk-in shower is something you should definitely consider. Not only are they modern and stylish, but they are quickly replacing traditional showers due to their ease of use and accessibility.
new bath idea
If you’re planning on designing a modern luxury bathroom, then nothing says luxury quite like a freestanding bath. Positioned either in the centre or corner of the bathroom, the bathtub is usually the highlight of the room, and, depending on the space available, will also contain the shower. Compared to built-in bathtubs found in traditional bathrooms, freestanding bathtubs give the room a more spacious and elegant feel.
small bathroom idea
Another common bathroom trend that has grown in popularity over the years is the floating sink. Unlike traditional sinks that connect to the floor and wall, floating sinks are only connected to the wall, leaving lots of space underneath them for draws, storage or anything else. In this example above, the owner has opted for drawers under their floating sink while leaving enough space for someone to put their feet under.
sleek bathroom design
Modern walk-in showers can vary from bathroom to bathroom and don’t have to follow traditional features. In the example above, the showerhead is mobile, unlike the standard overhead shower. The wall also extends out far enough to create a makeshift handrail - this is ideal for those who wish to store their toiletries in an easy to reach location.
modern bathroom design
One element that stands out about this bathroom is the way that the space beneath the windowsill is utilised as storage. With so many bathroom products to store away, clutter can become an issue without adequate space. This is an ingenious way to gain additional room without having to invest in a cabinet. It’s also worth noting the large mirror above the bath - mirrors aren’t just for above the sink, and if used correctly, can be an excellent way to make a room feel larger.
modern bathroom idea
When it comes to contemporary bathrooms, there’s no need to spend half your budget on a 100% marble bathroom. In fact, we’d argue it’s probably best if you don’t! In the image above, the wall to one side of the bathtub is tiled, however to the other side, it is painted. Using various materials to bring a wall together is nothing new, but sometimes it is overlooked. Just because it’s a bathroom doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve the best interior design.
bathroom idea inspiration
It’s essential when designing a bathroom to keep your accessories in mind. In the above picture, an otherwise bland bathroom is elevated past mediocrity thanks to a careful selection of the colour of the candle and the towels on display. They really help bring some life to the area. When picking ideas for your bathroom, don’t go for something simply because its cheap. It’s best to ensure that it fits the overall theme and colour scheme of your bathroom.
bathroom inspiration
Although this bathroom looks compact and small, it has a lot of modern features packed into it. The large bathtub offers plenty of space for bathing while also being right next to the window so you can do a spot of sightseeing while relaxing. Next to the bath is a walk-in shower enclosure with a sit-down area – perfect for those who have mobility issues and struggle to stand up extended periods. The floor also matches the bath unit to produce a seamless transition effect within the bathroom.
clean style bathroom
Here’s something you don’t see in most bathrooms, a sitting area! This might seem odd, but it has a surprising amount of uses - especially for the elderly and mobility impaired. For some of us, standing for long periods of time can be a challenge, and being able to towel off on a comfy cushion is great. There are other instances where this can be useful too, for instance, waiting for the bath to fill up.
modern bathroom
Modern bathrooms often have impressive shower units and this bathroom is no exception. Having multiple shower settings can transform your morning shower into a luxury experience - being woken up by a warm deluge is much more preferable to a cold dribble. The shower also contains a sturdy handrail within the shower cubicle itself which is great for providing much-needed support. Attached to the handrail is a small tray, which saves you bending over to pick up your shampoo off the floor.
modern bathroom interior
Handrails outside of the shower are also essential for some elderly people in helping them to get in and out of the bathtub. The bright orange walls lend plenty of character to the room and blend well with the black tile flooring. What’s particularly interesting is that the bathtub and shower are separate. This works well if you have plenty of room, but might be impractical in smaller bathrooms.
bathroom designs bath
The colour tones in the bathroom above are simple, yet the basin brings it all together. It’s the combination of the white basin on the black counter that really pops and brings some uniqueness to the room. That being said, the vanity mirror also does wonders for the attractiveness of this bathroom. You might be thinking that purchasing a light-up mirror is wasteful, but here’s why it’s an excellent investment. Not only does it create smooth and bright lighting, allowing you to see all the angles of your face clearly.
modern bathroom inspiration
The wall to ceiling mirror steals the spotlight here, making the bathroom appear far larger than it really is - and it’s pretty big to begin with! The twin basins protrude out of the countertop in an elegant way that you could implement in your own bathroom to help set it aside from the rest. Plus, there’s the gorgeous artwork. People often overlook paintings when it comes to the bathroom, and it’s a shame because they can inject an immense amount of character - just ensure that all paintings are in glass frames.
modern bath idea
This bathroom captures an antique feel without being old fashioned - the trick is to include vintage elements, but not to go overboard. The freestanding bath, combined with the rustic taps and towel holder is more than enough to hint at an older style. You’ll notice that everything else in the room is quite modern, yet there is no hard contrast in style. Even if you’re not a big fan of contemporary bathrooms, there’s always a way to merge modern with vintage and make it your own.
modern bath style
The half frosted glass door might be a tad off-putting to some people - not everyone is comfortable with entirely frosted doors, so this design choice is something to be careful of. However, there is one feature that you might want to consider implementing in your own house, if you have room. The bathroom and toilet are separate; this is usually done out of necessity due to lack of space, but it has the added benefit of removing situations where one family member needs to go to the bathroom when someone’s in the bath.
new bathroom design
Just because most bathtubs are rectangular doesn’t mean that’s the only way to do it. In the picture above, it’s clear they have decided to break the mould. It may look more like a jacuzzi than it does a bathtub, but the way it’s tucked behind the bathroom counter and into the wall creates a cosy atmosphere for anyone having a bath. The marble is a nice touch, but when designing a bathroom, the tub or shower should be the main piece. As you can see, a tub-shaped differently than the norm can bring so much to a bathroom.
small contemporary bathroom
The soft, sandy colours of the tiles add a beachy feel to this bathroom. The protruding sinks are a nice touch, but the recess in the wall is an idea you might want to borrow. Not only does it add some geometric complexity to the room, but the rough-hewn stone wall behind it adds colour variation too. Plus, the ledge creates the perfect place to place face masks and scrubs, should you feel the need. The Grecian style support beams add plenty of flair, and would be quite cost-effective too.
shower room closet
This bathroom is a collage of grey and white. Although modern, some may find this mosaic style of tiling offensive to the eyes. But despite what you might think about that particular design choice, the room does have a lot going for it. The area beneath the floating counter provides ample storage, it appears as though this bathroom may also contain a bath, and the rug helps bring it all together. Don’t overlook the benefit of a good rug, it can help you cement a theme, combine colours, and stop you from slipping the moment you step out of the shower.
stylish bathroom
In this bathroom, the well-placed mirrors give the feel of wide-open space, while the floating basin offers actual space. The room beneath the basin is quite essential in this bathroom, as there’s no bathroom cabinet to store toiletries in. The standing bath also serves as a focal point for the room. In the reflection of the mirrors, you can see a large showerhead that will deliver a powerful and wide stream of water. Unlike traditional hanging showers, this fixed shower head isn’t detachable or moveable, which is something to consider when planning your bathroom.
bathroom ideas
The gym like shower can be seen more clearly in this shot, and although some might find it unusual to have in a home, it is a walk-in shower. It goes without saying that walk-in showers are better for elderly people or those with mobility issues, but it has one other benefit that’s worth noting: Walk-in showers are easier to clean. Without a cubicle, it gives you a lot more space to manoeuvre around, instead of being stuck in an enclosure.
bathroom design ideas
Sometimes, depending on the space available, it’s best to go for simple fixtures and fittings. In this bathroom, the colours are quite simple and safe, while the bath itself is relatively plain. However, the modern vanity mirror and sink provide plenty of ample storage space even in a small environment. The second noteworthy detail is the slight change in colouration between the tiles of the far wall and the tiles of the wall to the right of the bath; a risk-free way to ensure your bathroom is more eye-catching.
This bathroom once again shows the practical use of a bath tray that you can pop your shampoo and body wash on to save you having to reach down. As mentioned, the walls being a different colour makes the room more interesting too, definitely a design tip to consider. The standing bath being placed on a diagonal angle also adds an element of uniqueness to the room too. Of course, we don’t recommend you do this if you’re living in a small apartment, but if you’ve got the room for it then go ahead!

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