Why choose a walk in bath?


Walk in baths work the same as a standard bathtub, except they allow people with limited mobility to have a comfortable, relaxing, independent bathing experience.

Installing a walk in bath in your home can make bath time enjoyable once again. 

Entering and exiting a standard bathtub can lead to falls and accidents. Support bars on the wall can help but you still have to get your leg over the edge of the tub and if you have reduced range of motion, this can be an impossible task.  

Walk in baths require no bending down or pulling up to get in and out.

Instead of stepping over the edge of a standard tub, a walk in bath allows you to open a door and have a seat while waiting for the water to fill the tub. Walk in baths are equipped with handrails and non-slip surfaces that ensure you can meet your mobility bathing needs safely.


Types of walk in baths

There are three main types of walk in baths available:


  1. Full length or sit up bath
  2. Front or side opening door bath
  3. Inward or outward opening door bath


You can always choose to upgrade or purchase add ons, but your first choice should be to decide which bath best suits your mobility bathing requirements. 

When making your decision, factor in your height, mobility level, and the space in which you are placing the bath.


Who would benefit from a walk in bath?

If you are noticing that bathing has become a nuisance because you’re afraid to fall or you simply can’t physically get in and out of a standard bath, you would benefit from a walk in bath. 

Walk in baths are beneficial to any senior who has difficulty bathing. It allows seniors to remain independent.  For those who have difficulty bathing alone and have a caregiver who helps, walk in baths can allow a return to a little privacy, restoring a sense of independence but also one of dignity. 

While using a standard bathtub, you are lying on the floor of the tub. It can be especially difficult to get to a seated position, and even more difficult to stand after. 

Walk in bathing allows you to have a comfortable seat while the water fills the bath or while the water drains away.   

Walk in baths come equipped with handrails and the baths are slip-proof. 

Bathing should be a time for relaxation, but with mobility issues, it can become embarrassing, complicated, frightening or even impossible with a standard bathtub.  


How does a walk in bath work?

If you have been wondering how walk in baths work, chances are, you are not alone. 

The door seal

Rest assured, the door on the mobility bath has a very good seal that is designed to keep the water in the bath while it is in use.

As soon as the door to the walk in bath closes, a watertight seal is formed, which doesn’t allow any of the water to spill or seep out. This keeps the water in the bath and off of your floor!  

The doors to the bath are also designed in a way that is great for limited mobility, and especially those who suffer from arthritis. The closure does not require a slam in order to create a seal and can easily be managed by people with limited grip strength. 


The door height 

The height of the threshold also varies, from bath to bath. Be sure that you choose one that you feel comfortable with upon entering and exiting your bath.  The lower the lip, the less you will need to raise your legs when getting in.


Filling the bath

It is as simple as entering the bath, sitting down, and letting the tub fill. It is also possible to have safety measures installed to control water temperature and ensure that you do not get scalded while walk in bathing.

All walk-in baths installed by AHM Installations come with a thermostatic bath filler tap to make sure the water is not cold or scalding hot when the bath is being filled. We will also ensure your existing plumbing system works with your new walk-in bath. If you don’t currently have a high pressure system we can use a pump to increase the pressure and make sure your bath fills quicker!


Additional options for the walk in bath

There are options available for purchase with your walk in bath. 

You can add on spa packages to your mobility bath. These options include massaging jets to relieve tension and relax muscle and joint pain. 

Lights can be added to further enhance the sense of calm and wellbeing, a treatment known as chromotherapy. 

All walk in baths are made from extremely strong materials, to ensure that the doors do not warp under the stress and pressure of the water inside. With AHM Installations, all our baths are made of extremely strong GRP and a solid metal frame for the ultimate structural rigidity.  

Walk in baths are fully customisable, depending on your height and size, and what you require for your mobility bathing needs. 


Draining the walk in bath

You are required to drain the bath before exiting the bath. 

It will take about as much time to drain as a traditional bath but the heated seat/back option can go a long way to making the wait less tedious and uncomfortable!

Many baths are also available with two waste drains, which aids in the super-fast draining of the bath.


Why YOU should get a walk in bath

You can gain or maintain independence with the addition of a walk in bath. Adding a walk in bath to your home can actually increase the property values, depending on where you live. 

Mobility bathing is not something that people discuss frequently but by including walk in baths the ease of your daily routine can be significantly improved. 

No one should ever have to suffer or be afraid to do the things they need to care for themselves. 

Adding a walk in bath to your home can give you back your quality of life.

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