What Size Space Do You Need For A Disabled Access Bathroom?

When it comes to designing & installing accessible bathrooms, our team has the capabilities to do it all. We provide a complete service from conception of the idea to leaving your home with a brand new fully accessible bathroom suited to your needs.

We are often asked about space when it comes to our consultations. This is typically at the forefront of everyone’s minds due to the requirement of more equipment/ accessories in the room.

Many of the bathrooms we have installed have been in very small rooms. Our talented designers are experts at utilising the existing space to create something that works perfectly for you and your needs. However, with space being such a fundamental concern for many we have outlined some of the key things to consider.

Minimum Regulations For An Accessible Wet Room

As with any refurbishment or new build, there are minimum regulations that our designers must adhere to when creating your new accessible bathroom. As governed by law, the minimum dimensions for an accessible wet room are 2.5m x 2.4m.; Tthis includes the shower, toilet & basin.

Despite these regulations being in place, there are many design elements and techniques our designers can use to really make the most out of a smaller room. For example the use of a shower instead of a bath. All dependent on your needs and level of mobility.

The regulations state that there should be at least a 1.5m diameter space in which to turn and navigate the room so that the bathroom is completely accessible and easy to manoeuvre for wheelchair users.

What Do The Regulations Mean?

When taking into consideration the regulations around installing accessible bathrooms it is important to understand that they assume the accessible wet room is being installed for a wheelchair user. This is why they factor in a turning space and other more specific guidelines.

The regulations offer a clear understanding for our designers to follow, ensuring we deliver at the very least a standardised accessible bathroom.

Installing Accessible Wet rooms In Your Home

When it comes to creating an accessible bathroom or your home, we design every single aspect of them to suit the needs of the individual. This means that each one will be uniquely different as it will be built to make using all of its features easy and hassle-free.

The size necessary for your new bathroom will depend significantly on your requirements and whether you want a bath or shower, or if you require assistance when using the facilities.

Is The Bathroom For A Wheelchair User?

There are a few differences between an accessible bathroom for somebody with mobility issues and a wheelchair user. This is why the regulations mentioned above can be helpful. For example, ensuring that the doorway is wide enough and having a large enough circulation space can of course become issues when working with a smaller room.

We design our bathroom based on the manoeuvrability of your wheelchair, meaning there are many techniques we can use to really make the most out of your bathroom space.

Do You Require Assistance Using The Bathroom?

We understand that with deteriorating mobility, some people may need the support of a loved one or a carer to help them. This is factored into the design process as the space will need to be larger in order to accommodate the additional person.

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