How Do Walk In Baths Work?

walk in bath

How Does A Walk In Bath Work?

The name makes it pretty clear what a walk in bath is. You step in, then seal the door behind you. Once that’s done, you flick on the tap and enjoy a long soak. Why is this important? Well, for a few reasons;


Getting Into a Walk in Bath

Stepping into a walk in bath is much easier than a standard bath, as the step is only 9 – 10 inches high, on average. The benefit of this is clear: not having to move your leg too much reduces the risk of pain and injury for older people, and those with limited mobility.

You can reduce the step even further by placing a few folded towels down for you to step straight from floor to bath. We build our baths with all kinds of mobility issues in mind, including people with arthritis. That is why our doors are so easy to open and close.


Sealing The Walk in Baths Door

If the door to a walk in bath doesn’t function properly then you don’t have a bath, you have a flood. You may have heard of cheaply made walk in baths leaking –  not ours. Once seated comfortably in the tub, simply shut the door behind you and let the water flow.

Some of our walk in baths actually come with a motorized chair. This chair can easily lower and raise you out of the bath. This is ideal for those who find it difficult to rise from a lying position.

walk in bath

Fill The Tub

We often get asked about this part of the process. We fully understand why it can be uncomfortable at first. Sitting in an empty bathtub as it fills is an unusual experience, but we have taken every step to make it as relaxing as possible.

Temperature control is something we take extremely seriously. Our bathtubs are made to ensure that you will not get scalded while waiting for the tub to fill, and we also do several checks before agreeing to fit a walk in bath. We check the water pressure, to ensure that you won’t have to wait half an hour for a bath to fill. We also check to see how much water your boiler can pump out too.

It would be a huge disappointment to have a walk in bath fitted, only to discover that your tap is only able to pump out enough warm water to fill half the tub. Walk in baths are, by their nature, taller, but for many people this is a huge plus – there’s something about complete submersion that is extremely relaxing. It can almost feel like a hot tub.

Speaking of which; many walk in baths come with jets that circulate tiny bubbles. These can relax the mind and ease aches in the body. Many models of walk in baths also come with lights of varying colour. There are some claims that these lights have healing properties. We’re not sure if that’s true but they are, at the very least, calming.


Drain And Exit The Walk In Bath

Coincidentally, a walk in bath also happens to be a walk out bath – just ensure that the bath is done draining before you open the door. We recommend that you turn the heating on, ready for you to exit the bath – we can also fit heated seats if need be.

If hand rails are required for even easier access, don’t hesitate to get in touch, as we can fit those too. If a walk in bath isn’t for you, then perhaps a walk in shower? Be sure to check out our range of bathing alternatives to find the right option for you.