Who can apply?

Housing association tenants, private tenants, private homeowners can all apply for grant aid.

How long does it take to approve a grant?

Simple schemes will normally take between twelve and fourteen weeks from initial referral to process. More extensive installations can take longer, particularly if planning permission is required. However, budgetary constraints are now leading to long delays before approval of most grants (up to 6 months).

How much grant money can I get?

The maximum grant payment is £30,000. When you have submitted your application we will determine what the reasonable cost of the necessary works should be, which is known as the ‘eligible expense’. The amount of grant awarded will be the eligible expense less your means-tested contribution, which is re-assessed from your application form.

This information was put together by AHM Installations as advice for our clients considering an application for a Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG). The information here was taken from https://www.gov.uk/ and various local county council regions we operate in.