1. Health of Installer

Any of our fitters displaying signs of illness are not permitted to work in your home. During this period of time we will be extra vigilant and assess each member of our staff each day, ensuring that we put your safety first.

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2. Hand Washing & Protection as Standard

All fitters carry gloves to provide a barrier to infection. Washing and hand sanitisation is a part of the fitters daily routine to maximise defence against transfer of germs or infection.

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3. Social Distancing

All of our fitters will maintain a minimum of 2 metres distance from clients whenever they are in your home, to help reduce the risk of infection for both parties concerned.

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4. Contained Working Area

The fitter will attempt to cordon off as much of the bathing installation area in a clients’ home to reduce both client and fitter contact as much as possible.

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5. Surface Cleaning

Contact surfaces within the bathroom are cleaned with anti-bacterial cleaner after installation to reduce the chance of germ transfer.

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We are following the guidance issued by Public Health England, taking extra measures to ensure our staff, surveyors and installers are reducing risk to as low as possible for you. The majority of our customers are 60+ years old and AHM understandably share concerns about the risks of contracting the illness. Our team are taking proactive measures, which include increased hand sanitisation, avoiding contact (no hand shaking), keeping >2m distance and wiping any frequently touched surfaces routinely (such as door handles). We currently have no cases of the virus within our team and aim to keep it this way for your safety.