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Bathroom Loft Ideas

Designing a loft bathroom can be a very challenging task. With extremely limited room and sloped ceilings, fitting everything you want into a loft bathroom is a serious challenge.

If you’re considering a new loft bathroom but don’t have any ideas on what features or style you want, then you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve handpicked various contemporary bathroom ideas and bathroom loft conversions to help give you some ideas and inspiration. No matter if you’re thinking about a small loft bathroom or an entire floor bathroom, we’ve got all the inspiration you need. By the end of this article, you’ll be full of ideas and have a clear idea of what loft bathroom style you want.

bathroom loft simple
Many loft bathrooms will have a sloping roof and window that you will have to work with. If you’re not planning on having a two in one bath and shower, then a popular trend is to have the bath beside the window. Not only does this bring in plenty of extra light, but if you enjoy bathing at night time you can relax as you stargaze. In the summer, being able to open the window for an extra breeze is always a big advantage.
contemporary bathroom loft
Trying to fit a bath and shower combo into a loft bathroom requires some serious planning. If you expect to be able to stand up in the bath, then the chances are you’ll have to move away from the sloped ceiling. In this example, the shower part of the bath is facing away from the sloping ceiling, giving users plenty of room to stand up fully. The floating toilet and sink also help make the room bigger than it looks.
simple bathroom idea
Not all loft bathrooms have to include a shower and bath. Depending on the size available, many homeowners just want a spare toilet installed to save them having to go downstairs. In this bathroom, you have just the essentials while making the most out of such a small space. The floating sink also provides plenty of storage underneath to help keep things clean and organised.
modern loft bathroom
If you’re looking for a more contemporary style of bathroom, then letting in as much light as possible is crucial. Large windows can help transform small spaces by letting in plenty of light. In this example, the white interior helps the light bounce around, making the bathroom feel much larger than it is. Combine this with a large mirror and the illusion of more space is complete.
small bathroom idea
If for whatever reason you’re thinking about not having a window in your loft bathroom, then you’ll need lots of lights and an extraction fan. In this bathroom, the lights are primarily above the shower and sink to ensure you can see what you are doing. Just above the door is an extraction fan that will be essential at extracting the steam and stopping the bathroom from turning into a sauna.
simple toilet layout
No matter how big your loft is, there is always room to include the essentials - such as a toilet. In this small space, they’ve managed to incorporate a bath, toilet, and bidet, while still making the bathroom feel spacious. With careful planning, you’d be surprised at how many features you can fit into a small loft bathroom.
large loft bathroom idea
Having an irregularly shaped loft is usually a good thing as it allows you to be more creative with how you arrange your bathroom. This bathroom includes both a standalone walk-in shower and separate bath which many people prefer. Although to accomplish this you’ll either need a big loft area or you’ll have to opt for a smaller bath.
walk in shower bathroom idea
This loft bathroom makes the most out of the space available by incorporating a walk-in shower and separate bathtub. Due to the height restriction of the slopped ceiling and window, the bath has been placed under the window to maximise space. This is fairly common to do if you require a separate shower. The alternative is to have a bath with a shower combined and put it against the sidewall.
standalone bath idea
If you’re really struggling for space in your loft bathroom, then you should consider a standalone bath as opposed to a built-in bath. A standalone bath is generally smaller and easier to fit in a small space. In this example, the bath is a perfect size for this bathroom and doesn’t take up the entire room. The toilet and sink (not shown) complete this small bathroom by keeping it functional yet compact.
modern loft bathroom idea
A lack of space doesn’t mean you have to suffer from a lack of style – take this modern loft bathroom, for instance. The pale floorboards contrast well with the dark marble wall, and the window allows for plenty of light. The protruding basins also add a modern touch to the room, and they’ve even included a bidet. It’s the smaller details that will make your loft bathroom stand out.
simple contemporary bathroom
With just a few slight alterations, you can give your bathroom a rustic feel, as shown here. The wooden support beams work well with the mirror frame and countertop, but it’s the lights that tie it all together. These little black cage lampshades are great, and give off some interesting shadows when lit, adding some much-needed light in the winter months.
simple loft bathroom
The first thing you’ll notice about this renovated loft is how bright it is. The days of dusty old attics jam-packed with boxes of bits and bobs are long gone – space is precious, and this loft bathroom shows you how to make the most of it. Having an entirely white room usually isn’t advised, but the light brown floorboards help prevent it from becoming too bland. The wooden pots perched on the shelf above the toilet also offer a nice respite from all the white.
elegant bathroom idea
First off, the mosaic tiles offer some interest to an otherwise plain wall. If you’re struggling to make your loft bathroom stand out, try adding a tiled wall – or have sections made out of different material, as shown here. You could also use shelves to add some life to it. We’re not sure what’s going on with the double sinks here though, they’re a tad close together.
walk in shower bathroom
Adding a small plant to your loft bathroom is a great way to breathe some life into it. Plus, this room has managed to fit both a bath and a shower in. As you can see, having a shower in a loft bathroom isn’t impossible, but fitting the glass can be tricky. You also want to make sure you have plenty of ventilation, as mould can be a big issue.
modern bathroom idea
The first thing that is instantly noticeable about this bathroom loft is the mirror. Not only do mirrors help illuminate a room with natural light, but they also make it appear bigger. Given the sloped ceiling it’s unlikely that this room has a shower; however it doesn’t really need one. The freestanding bath stands out as the centrepiece of this room and is definitely something to consider if you’re going for a modern style of bathroom.