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Walk In Baths

Prices for our services vary depending on the bathroom size and requirements. Each job is unique and requires a custom quote from one of our advisors. Our economy bathroom range starts from £2,495.

That really depends on the clients physical abilities. The idea of walk in baths is for the client to be able to access the bath through the door without having to make a large step over the side of the bath.

In our own experience choosing between a walk in shower and walk in bath really depends on:

(1) The ability of the client to get into and out of the walk in bath compared to a shower

(2) The suitability of the existing plumbing system to fit a walk in bath into a clients home.

(3) If it will fit into the bathroom?

A lot of people who struggle to step into the bath also find it difficult to climb out. Having a fixed seat makes it easier for clients to stand up and climb out after bathing. There are walk in baths that have motorised seats that will lower you into and back up out of the bath, and will make things much easier.

Most walk-in baths fitted with a fixed seat are usually taller than conventional baths and so are able to fill up to a higher level to achieve a complete soak. These types of walk in baths may need an extra 60-70 litres of water to fill them. If your home is fitted with a small gravity hot water tank it is therefore always useful to check that it will have enough hot water capacity to fill the new walk in bath.

Sometimes. Those walk in baths that are fitted with seats usually have a larger capacity because they are taller and wider. Most modern heating systems can cope with the larger hot water requirement from some walk in baths but it is important to remember that if a small gravity hot water tank is fitted to the home further work may need to be done to the heating system to bring it up to capacity for the new walk in bath.

It is important that you have adequate heating in the bathroom before fitting a walk in bath otherwise you may get cold waiting for the bath to fill up and drain away before you can open the door.

If you don’t have any heating in the bathroom it is possible to fit a wall mounted fan heater to give immediate heat.

In theory any walk-in bath door can leak, but all of the walk in baths that we specify have substantial mild steel subframes that reduce flexibility in the door. The doors are also fitted with seals that can be adjusted and so the chance of any leak is very remote.

Walk In Showers

Prices for our services vary depending on the bathroom size and requirements. Each job is unique and requires a custom quote from one of our advisors. Our economy bathroom range starts from £2,495.

That depends on a number of issues. Firstly if it is the bath you want to remove and replace with a shower cubicle or wet floor area then it should be quite possible. We make a number of low level bath size shower trays sizes specifically for this application. Examples are 1200 x 700 ; 1500-1700 x 800 ; 1500-1700 x 700 ; 1500-1700 x 650.

Again that depends on the size of the shower tray and screens being used. Expect a low level bath sized tray with slip resistant texturing 1700 x 700 to include a single 900 x 8mm shower screen to cost around £699.00. (exc VAT) Where a carer is assisting a disabled individual with showering, the screens may be half height. The typical prices for a bath sized low level textured slip resistant shower tray and a set of 1700 x 900 half height bifolding doors and curtains would be around £1,199.00 exc VAT.

Yes, if you have a chronic illness (such as arthritis, osteoporosis, cancer, heart problems etc)..or some other form of disability and you cannot get into or out of the bath then there are grants available from the Council to fund a shower conversion. For anybody living in social housing the funding is available under their standard home improvement budget, but for people living in their own homes the grant is called a Disabled Facilities Grant – DFG.

When a client applies for a grant they are visited by an Occupational Therapist (OT) to assess their bathing needs. The OT will then specify what type of specialist walk in showers or wet floor should be fitted and so the client does not really have much of a say in what equipment will be fitted.

From date of your initial enquiry to the Council, depending on what point you are in the financial year, it is quite normal for it to take anything from 7-14 months to be awarded.

You have to have a qualifying illness or condition before you can become disabled eligible. If you are an adult when you apply for the grant it is usually means tested. If your income is too high and/or you have a large private pension or savings then you may be outside the scope for a DFG and you may have to fund it privately.

We can fit a shower tray into most types of bathroom floor to give level access entry into the shower, or we can fit a 40mm (1.5″) ; 100mm (4″) or 150mm (6″) standard step in entry height.

Whilst most plumbers are trained to fit heating and plumbing systems, in our experience there are only a few who are multi trained and able fit all of the different walk in showers that we specify or are available in the marketplace. Most plumbers can fit an offering from the internet or the DIY stores but tend to avoid the more specialist level access showers and wet rooms that we manufacture and install.

A lot of people still like a good soak in the bath. Keeping the bath and adding a new shower area might be a bit more challenging in some smaller bathrooms, which is why a lot of clients enquire about having a walk in bath fitted in order to gain an easy access shower facility as well as managing to retain a bathing facility.


Wetrooms give you complete flexibility with the layout of your bathroom. A shower drain is built into the floor, opening up the entire bathroom space, leaving fewer obstacles to disrupt your access and overall making your bathroom safer.

Yes, if you prefer, we also offer the option of a Partial Wetroom, increasing convenience where it is most relevant. Partial Wetrooms take half the time to install and provide a cost-effective solution for any size of room.

Depending on the style you’ve got in mind, you can choose from either tiled or vinyl wet rooms.

Tiled wet rooms give you the most freedom when choosing your dream bathroom style. It combines all of the same watertight technology and slip resistance as a vinyl wet room but with a more elegant look. Our Surveyors can offer you a large range of high quality tiles and guide you through the options we recommend to create your bespoke design.

Vinyl flooring technology has improved substantially in the past few years, with greater colour choice and performance to improve the look and safety of your bathroom. We supply vinyl flooring from reputable companies who manufacture in the UK, such as Altro and Polyflor. It’s all designed specifically to be slip resistant for wet areas such as bathrooms and wet rooms whilst remaining durable enough for years of use. We also have flooring which is suitable for both bare feet and footwear for Occupational Therapists , just ask the Surveyor.

Intelligent Toilets

It is a toilet system that cleans you with a gentle spray of warm water while you use it.

Cleaning with water after using the toilet is more hygienic and softer on your skin than paper. Reducing the amount of paper waste is good for the environment too. The lady wash function provides specific feminine hygiene benefits.

The water cleansing benefit is the only difference you will notice. In every other way, an intelligent toilet is the same as a standard toilet.

Yes, it is very easy to use. The functions are controlled by a single dial. Some models have a remote control for extra convenience.

An intelligent toilet washes you while you sit on it. The warm jet of water as well as the water temperature is controlled by a single dial, which is located discreetly on the right of the toilet bowl.

This depends on the model and your personal preference. Some models have an integrated warm air dryer. The gentle air flows across your skin, leaving you feeling clean, fresh and dry. The air temperature is adjustable using an easy-to-use control dial.

Intelligent toilets provides you with all you need for a pleasant and hygienic bathroom experience. Some models have enhanced features that include an automatic odour extractor and a warm air dryer.

Yes, an intelligent toilet is suitable for general use by most people. It may also benefit those who have skin conditions as it provides a thorough and gentle clean.

Yes, it can be used safely throughout pregnancy. The water flow is warm, gentle and relaxing. The single dial control makes the intelligent toilet extremely easy to use. The lady wash function provides feminine hygiene benefits for women at any stage of their lives.

The installation costs do not differ significantly from the cost of installing a conventional toilet.

All that you need is a connection to a power supply. Check that the electrical connections in your bathroom are in the correct position before installing an intelligent toilet. Alternatively, your electrical installer will need to rerun the cable to allow the intelligent toilet to operate. Some installations will require alterations to the plumbing to connect the water supply.

The intelligent toilet is designed and installed for permanent use.

A qualified installer can fit the intelligent toilet in approximately one hour, provided that there are no structural modifications required.

This all depends on the number of people in the household, the model you have, the functions you use and the combination of power sources used. An intelligent toilet uses about the same amount of water as a modern low-flush toilet. As with standard toilets, water charges will vary depending on the amount of usage and the prices of utility services in your area. You will also enjoy a cost saving from spending less on toilet paper.

Very easily! The intelligent toilet has a stain-resistant surface, a rimless pan and a removable lid, making it much easier to keep clean than a standard toilet.


If you do not qualify for a DFG or the waiting list for a grant in your area is too long, you may decide not to proceed down that route and you can therefore fund it yourself. If you were to have a grant an NHS Occupational Therapist would decide what bathing facilities you required and since the Council would pay for it, you as a client will have no choice in what you have fitted. Most DFG installs specify a wet room or wet area in the bathroom which will almost certainly be a more expensive option that walk in showers of some description.

If you have a qualifying physical illness or disability, then not normally on walk in showers.

In theory if everything is in place, yes it is. Bit it all depends on how much work is required to fit the cubicle. Lowering the waste, cutting out a concrete floor, relocating any pipework and sinking a tray into a concrete floor to achieve level access entry for example is going to take a lot longer than fitting a surface mounted tray, connecting to the existing bath waste with a 6″ step-in tray height. Then there might be a new shower mixer to fit, and any cladding or tiling to the shower walls to consider. Be careful of any company making rash promises.

If we are cutting into floors then there will always be a certain amount of mess and disruption, but a professional installation company should have already prepared the site with protective coverings and facilities to remove any waste materials into a skip as soon as rubbish appears.

Yes, we will remove all rubbish from site when the job is completed.

If we are at site for 2-3 days we will of course ensure the toilet is available during the day and at night. Our fitters are quite used to working with clients in this way and has always proved successful.

Yes. One of our surveyors will call out to your home and talk you through the options available to you. When we are only fitting a shower or bath into an existing bathroom our approach is to specify a walk in shower or bath based on what you tell us about your physical needs. We are conscious that a lot of our disabled and retired clients may be on restricted incomes and so we will always specify a suitable product for their immediate or future needs and wherever possible reuse existing materials or fitted products to reduce their install cost. The surveyor will then create a drawing and schedule with a number of price options to suit.

We always guarantee our work. Most of the products used in our bathrooms have at least a a 12 month warranty with them and some others up to 10 years. Installation warranty is for a standard 12 months. As installers we prefer to fit better quality products to give a longer lifetime to the install anyway.