The Best Ensuite Bathroom Ideas

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Have a tiny bathroom that has become a bit of a sore spot? Turning that sore spot into a dream bathroom is probably on your to-do list, because, let’s face it, who doesn’t love the idea of a spa-like experience in their own home? 

Creating your dream bathroom has become a reality for many in recent years thanks to the wealth of design ideas you can find online, but planning for bathing in a smaller space requires a good amount of planning.

These fairly easy to pull off ensuite bathroom ideas will not only help you avoid a stress-related meltdown during your renovations but they will help you achieve the ensuite bathroom of your dreams!


Picking the Right Furniture

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One of the most common challenges that most homeowners might face is taking a tiny space and making it fully functional. 

When working with a cramped space, one of the keys to pulling off your ensuite bathroom ideas is picking the right furniture. The right furniture will not only help you optimize the use of space, but it will also let you do so stylishly!

Here are some of the best ways to bring your ensuite bathroom ideas to your tiny bathroom renovation:

  • Vanity units – Vanities are the perfect way to add storage to a small space. But how do you make room for the vanity? Streamlined versions of the traditional vanity that can be wall-mounted or corner-mounted. Wall-mounting provides extra floor and storage space below the vanity unity, while corner-mounting can take advantage of corners, turning what is usually wasted space into functional space. 


  • Combination vanity units –  Combination vanity units take form and function to a whole new level. These units combine sink, cistern, toilet, and cupboards all in one sleek, space-saving bundle. For really tight spaces, it is possible to take a pass on the storage and focus on a toilet and sink combination freeing up even more floor and wall space. 


  • Wall hung toilets –  Wall hung toilets are one of the best ways to make space in a small ensuite bathroom. These units take up the least amount of room and are a slimmer, more compact version of their robust and space-consuming cousins. If you are really struggling to create room in a cramped space, working a wall hung toilet into your ensuite bathroom ideas and plans can make a significant difference.


  • Showers instead of baths – Obviously, you will want to be able to clean yourself in your ensuite bathroom. Unfortunately, many “normal” sized showers will take up too much space. But you don’t have to resort to a claustrophobic, dark, shower stall either. You can still have luxury! Add a frameless glass shower panel so you can ditch your old and outdated shower curtain – and let there be light! Glass panels are easy to install and can be fixed or hinged. Additionally, with a hand-held shower head, your small ensuite can now double as a pet cleaning station. Style and function!


  • Recessed shower storage – When working in small spaces, it is critical to maximise and optimise every possible surface. Do not let your shower reduce your storage space! Instead, build shelving that is built in to the walls of your compact ensuite and it will save you loads of space and keep your guests complimenting how on-trend you are. 


  • Pocket doors – Pocket doors slide into the wall and are a space-savers dream come true! You can gain close to 9 extra square feet of usable space by ditching in inward swinging entry door.  


  • Accessories and storage – Again, when pulling together your ensuite bathroom ideas, it is important to make sure every element works for you. Add mirrors with built-in hidden shelves and heated towel rail racks that can double as heating. These are just two of the many ways you can make access to your bathroom essentials easy and stylish. A mirrored wall with hidden storage is another option to consider and will allow you to store items while making your small ensuite look and feel twice the size!


Tiles and Smiles for Miles

tiled bathroom

The aesthetic you can achieve by simply choosing to tile your entire ensuite will please both your palate and your wallet. 

Tile is attractive, practical, and easy to clean. Tile also allows you to choose a winning combination of colors, patterns, and themes that echo your master bedroom. Consider a curbless shower as a way to continue your tile throughout your ensuite, or design a wet room, which would place you in line with current trends. Add a hidden or infinite-edged drain and your old cluttered and clunky bathroom becomes seamless and sleek.


The Best Ensuite Bathroom Ideas Summarised

If you have a small ensuite bathroom in desperate need of an overhaul, you now have a list of practical and innovative things you can do to achieve the tiny bathroom of your dreams. 

Choosing the right furniture, layout, and finishing materials make for some of the best ensuite bathroom ideas we’ve seen, so what are you waiting for? Get started on your ensuite bathroom transformation today and turn that tiny, dreary room into a source of joy, pride, and function in your home. 

If you’re looking to make your new ensuite mobility-friendly, be sure to contact us here at AHM Installations for your free no obligation consultation.