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The Top Bathroom Sink Ideas to Inspire Your New Bathroom

Designing a new bathroom can be a difficult challenge, with so much to think about many things can often be forgotten. It’s only when you’re finally put on the spot that you make a decision which is often not the best one.

To make sure you make the best decision when designing your new bathroom, we’re taking a look at one of the most overlooked areas of the bathroom: the sink!

Although you use it every single day, maybe people are often too focused on the bath and shower to research bathroom sink ideas. Thankfully, we’ve done all the work for you and found some of the most popular and stylish bathroom sinks that will fit in any bathroom.

Take a look below to see some excellent bathroom sink ideas.

bathroom sink idea contemporary
This modern and contemporary sink would look right at home in anyone’s bathroom. Featuring a deep bowl shape and single head tap, this design is perfect for people who prefer high raised sinks. Unlike traditional sinks that are often cut into the surface, this entire bowl sits right on the top which gives it a much more distinctive design. If you’re looking for a modern sink to add to your bathroom then this is an excellent option.
bathroom sink mirror
Not too keen on having the entire sink sit on your bathroom surface? Meet in the middle with this slightly raised modern bathroom sink. Raised only a few inches from the surface, this sink makes it easier to wash your hands and face without having to bend down as much. The single head tap also gives you plenty of room to store soap and other items on either side. Combined with a large oval mirror, this sink will be the centrepiece of your entire bathroom.
modern bathroom sink
If you’re looking for something super minimalist for your bathroom then this style of sink works very well in almost any bathroom. Featuring a stand-alone shallow unit, it doesn’t require any hard surface to rest on which is ideal for small bathrooms. The simple design also includes a single-headed tap which is definitely more stylish and convenient than having 2 separate taps. If you’re looking for a sink for a size restricted bathroom, then this an excellent style choice.
floating sink
A popular design trend in modern bathrooms is to incorporate floating sinks as they help create a larger bathroom feel. Without the sink fully connecting to the floor, this extra space can be used for extra storage amongst other things. This type of sink also gives the bathroom a more minimalist feel without adding too much extra baggage. If you’re looking to future proof your bathroom for the upcoming years, then floating sinks should be something you consider.
dual floating sinks
Sometimes for master on-suites, one sink is just not enough. If you have the room available, then investing in 2 side by side sinks can be a great addition to your bathroom. This bathroom features twin his and her sinks with wall mounted taps to give the best modern bathroom experience. Not only is their ample room for storing soap and other items, but the floating-style sinks make the bathroom feel even bigger than it is.
dual mirrors sinks
Another great example of twin bathroom sinks for master suites, these sinks both feature cut in bowls while also having towel holders on the front for easy storage. The sinks also have large wall-mounted mirrors that help create a lot more space in the bathroom by reflecting the light. With plenty of storage for all of your bathroom needs, these twin sinks are a great idea for any large bathroom or main master suite.
This solid and sturdy sink is a deep bowl on top of a heavyweight marble surface which is designed to match the modern style of the bathroom. By sitting on the top of the surface it allows for plenty of storage underneath in the form of draws and shelves. With a traditional cut in sink this certainly wouldn’t be possible. This makes the sink perfect for if you require a bit more storage room in your bathroom.

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